How To Make Your Own Root Cellar

Do you own a farm? Well, you might be thinking about building your own root cellar. Aside from the perfect fact that this could be a great place for you to hide when you play hide and seek with friends or a place to sneak away to and eat a box of chocolates alone, a root cellar is where you hide... Wait.(***grin) Actually No! Not YOU, rather your vegetables, fruits and other foods. In fact a root cellar is like a refrigerator; only it is way bigger and wider than a normal refrigerator! A root cellar is a place that stays a cool temperature and does not freeze that allow you to store foods for longer periods of time without them spoiling. If you have a farm and you dont have a root cellar yet but you have been thinking and thinking about it then go get all the tools and materials before we are late for work! Gentlemen, prepare you gears and lets hit it! But waithow do we make a root cellar? *cricket* *cricket* Well, we cant be in the drivers seat without knowing how to drive! Firstly, you will need to dig a hole the size you determine is right for your root cellar. This will require a backhoe as it is a large hole and could be done by hand but would take quite a lot of time that way. Secondly,the concrete footer and blocks and concrete and the various other supplies needed. Making this root cellar will be an interesting and impressive project. Always keep in mind that while building, make sure to observe proper precautions to avoid accidents, and wear the appropriate attire. Have fun building your new root cellar! There are some great photos and good instructions that you can find on Roberts Projects website when you visit the link below. This is a very heavy duty root cellar that should last for many many years.

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