How to Turn An Unused Space Into Something Useful

Lots of times, there is wasted unused space in a home. Builders don't necessarily maximize the use of all the real estate when constructing a house, but with a little clever planning you can take unused space and turn it into a valuable room. This town house project turned unused ceiling space above a door entrance into a space that could have a multitude of uses.

This place would make a great office or a place for the kids to have their own little nook. This is a big project, but if you look through your home, you may spot little corners that could become shelving spots, or staircases that could have tidy creative storage underneath. Check out the inspiring photos of some before and afters.

There are actually various ways and ideas to turn unused space into something useful. You might as well consider making a homework space, design a kids hideout by cutting a foam mattress pad, a DIY canopy bed for kids that share a room, make a workshop and learn about DIY pegboard, design an invisible office by putting pretty curtains along, make extra seating, create a changing station, take advantage of the bright spaces, make a double-duty reading nook, a display art, make a craft corner, apply a strip of wallpaper, create an extra book storage, create a sleeping nook, turn it into a cozy alcove, craft your own bar, surround yourself with your favourite stuffs, enjoy a wine cellar, create a laundromat, use a shelf as a desk, make a super storage system, read in a little library and make a family fort are only among the ideas that you might try in order to customized your vacant spaces that you have in your house.

Roam around your house and see which ideas might fit you. Best of luck!

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