How to Use Recycled Coffee Grounds in Your Garden

Many of us are loathe to begin a new day without a steaming cup of coffee to kick start our morning. But what do you do with your leftover coffee grounds once you've got your caffeine fix? Coffee grounds are an excellent addition to your compost bin, especially if you are a gardener.

Spent coffee grounds contain high levels of nitrogen that is an essential element in the formation of healthy garden soil. If you don't produce, enough grounds in your household try asking your local cafe to save you some of their grounds. Chances are they will be happy to oblige and have probably had the same question from other keen gardeners.

So you might be wondering what is so great about nitrogen in the soil anyway. Nitrogen is an important nutrient for plant growth and development. As your coffee grounds decompose in your garden soil, your plants' roots absorb the nitrogen released to feed their growth. Some heavy feeding and acid loving plants such as tomatoes and blueberries will most appreciate your coffee grounds. A small amount of coffee grounds can be added to the soil as a mulch around these particular plants.

A fringe benefit of using coffee grounds in your garden may include a reduction in slug problems. Slugs can aggravate gardeners with their relentless chewing up of tender plant leaves. A border of coffee grounds is said to deter slugs from entering your garden beds.

If you live in an apartment without a backyard composter you can still reap the benefits of coffee grounds for your plants. Vermiculture or worm composting is an option for small scale apartment dwellers. As it turns out, worms are particularly fond of coffee grounds as they help with the worms' digestive process and have been said to increase their rate of reproduction. Who knew your caffeine addiction could also keep plants and worms happy?

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