If There Were a Nobel Prize Category for Park Model Homes, This Beauty Would've Won It

If There Were a Nobel Prize Category for Park Model Homes, This Beauty Would've Won It. You will want to take a look at this small house design that was on display was found at the 2015 Cottage and Lakefront Living Show. This small house design with a unique small house plans was featured at the 2015 Cottage and Lakefront Living Show in March of 2015. This small house design is a good example of park model style living at it's finest. Even though this is a the best small home plans, unfortunately, it can't fall under the same provisions as a small house design because it is larger than 20′ long, 135″ high, and 86″ wide. Even still, this small house design is smaller in size, and the fact that it is on wheels prevents it from being taxed like a normal recreational unique small house plans. The main floor of this small house design, not including the lofts of the small house design, is just under 400 square feet, making it fairly large for a small house design. Many small designer homes that are popping up is under 200 square feet on the main floor.

The navy blue small house design is beautiful, with plenty of attention to detail complete with high-quality finishings and fixtures. The turn-key option for this small house design sells for $49,500. This price includes all of the furnishings, linens, and accessories that the unique small house plans were decorated with for the show. This is the best small home plans, and you will be surprised with how much fits into small designer homes with 400 or so square feet of space. Having a well-designed kitchen in a small house design makes it so much easier to prepare healthy home cooked meals on a day to day basis. The kitchen in this tiny house movement has a good sized island surface, with some bar stools that can offer plenty of seating to eat right in the kitchen.

Also featured in this great small house design is a nice sized bathroom, by small house design standards. The bathroom in this small house design has a porcelain toilet that can be hooked up to regular plumbing. It also features a bathtub, which is rare to find in unique small house plans and a shower. In this small house design is a loft space, which is accessible by a staircase, which makes it easier to reach. This loft space could be used as a little spare bedroom space, a place for the kids to hang out, a studio, or office. In the photos, you can take a look at this tiny house design with its love seat and a chair up there that shows just how spacious the small house design loft is.

What a great small house design that would be perfect for anyone wanting to downsize, or purchase a smaller home to save some money. Designing a small house and the tiny house movement is more popular than ever as the tiny house movement grows day by day. Unique small house plans are a great way for people to decrease their debt and live a life that is full of the things they love instead of being a slave to making money. Small designer homes are creating a revolution in how North Americans think about living. It goes to show the people don't need as much stuff to be truly content, and small designer homes are proving this to us in such a big way. Maybe if you aren't ready to take the leap to a unique small house plans, a park model small house design like this one would be a great place to start your downsizing journey. This is just one of the unique small house plans you will find on the "M Live" site. On this site, you will find a variety of interesting topics from the news, business, sports, entertainment and more. *

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