Is she off her rocker? Anger at mum rock-climbing with toddler strapped to her back

Is she off her rocker? Anger at mum rock-climbing with toddler strapped to her back is what the headline read in The Sun website.

The great thing about having your own kids, is that you get to decide what is best for them. It's rare that people totally agree on every aspect of parenting since so many styles and opinions exist, it's almost impossible to reach a full consensus.

Of course, there are some things that are dictated by law, and these rules are largely based on unanimous votes concerning moral questions. On the other hand, there are more trivial day to day decisions that parents need to make, which can sometimes cause a bit of tension among the population. From things like how children should be disciplined, and whether it's right to yell at them, or hit them... to where they should be aloud to go and at what age it's appropriate... to whether they are aloud to have boyfriends and girlfriends... to things like religion and faith. The list is a long one, and there is rarely a right or wrong answer.

In this article featured on "The Sun" website, there is a story featured about a woman who likes to go rock-climbing with her toddler strapped to her back. In the photo, you see the mom who is all smiles, with her young child in tow, scaling large cliffs in a seemingly fearless fashion. The mom is wearing a helmet, but the child is without one. It's true that we can decide what decisions are best for our young ones, but this choice is leaving people outraged. There's a fine line between what is sensible and lawfully correct, and what crosses boundaries and deserves an intervention. This is one of those cases that will be hotly debated. The mom says she likes to take risks, and that's what life is all about. Whether or not you agree, one thing is for sure - she doesn't seem like she's going to stop anytime soon!

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