Is There Any Truth to Astrology?

Perhaps it is not the first time that you have encountered the term astrology. It has been practiced since the beginning of times and a lot of people believed and still believe in it. But what is the truth behind it and if theres actually truth to it? Some say that all our actions and everything that happens in our life are connected to the stars and the galaxy.

Ever noticed when someone is acting weird and crazy and that you will hear that someone would react to their action calling it lunacy? For one, Luna is Latin for moon. This just proves that for years, people have been trying to connect mankinds behavior to whats happening in the heavens out there. But the question remains, are these things about horoscopes even true?

There are many other things that could be related to the stars and the moon that we humans are probably not even aware of. One of these things is the relation of the moon and insomnia. According to a recent study done by UCLA, about 2 centuries ago, the full moon was so bright that it was the source of light that the human race back then. They tend to work and have a lot of activities done during those hours and apparently; it has affected their sleeping hours that led to insomnia. This sleeping disorder has also been the reason for a lot of unpleasant human behavior like cases of being bi-polar for some and even epilepsy. What happens is that insomnia triggers seizures in people who are already suffering from epilepsy.

The sun and the stars also are said to be connected to human behavior. If you want to know more about it, feel free to check out the website Shape below. You will surely be amazed on the things that you will find about Astrology.

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