I’ve Been Cooking Steak ALL Wrong! I Had NO Idea, But I Can’t Wait To Try It!

How do you cook your steak? “I give them a rinse them right after coming home from the meat store, put it on a grill and… grill.” “I thaw the steak and place it on the frying pan.” Whoa, hold on. How does that steak turn out?!” Wait, what? *silence* Is it tough, is it dry, or is it juicy and tender? Here’s the thing. If your steaks are not coming out perfect, you may be cooking it the wrong way. If you've been doing it wrong and not getting juicy steaks, now is the time for you to sit back and pay attention to this article. *winks*

As meat is often frozen when purchased, thawing has always been a part of cooking the meat. My mother, when she decided to cook steak, would always get the frozen steak out of the freezer before the cooking time and wait for it to thaw. So for 20 years, I have always believed that it is the proper and ONLY way of cooking a frozen steak.

According to Dan Suoza, a senior editor at Cook’s Illustrated, frozen steak can be cooked right away – no thawing, baby! You do not have to wait for your steak to become thawed. Great news for everyone, I assume. *winks* You do not have to defrost your frozen steak, guys. “The defrosting process actually leaves you with a less tender cut of meat, and even though it takes a little more time to cook, you're giving yourself a better cut of beef!”

For more information with this method of cooking steak and why it works. Please visit the 'Pet Flow' website below to watch the full video. Have fun living life the easier way!

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