Lemon Crazy Cake

Crazy Cake, known as a plethora of things such as Wacky and Depression cake, is the answer for a scrumptious dessert, perfect for those with egg and milk allergies. The recipe boasts that it needs no eggs, milk, butter, bowls or mixers, while retaining it's moisture. It's been around since before the Great Depression (hence the name) when eggs, milk and butter were extremely difficult to come by and were much too expensive to be a house hold staple, so this crazy cake must be doing something right!

Now, while you can attempt this delicious lemon version of the wacky cake with real lemon juice (and it will taste good) the best thing to do to retain the moisture all throughout the cake is to use lemon zest and lemon extract. Hey, you're still using some of the lemon itself then! The kind of cool thing about this is the absolute "One-Pot" mentality of it. All you will need to make it - plus the only dishes you will really have to clean - are your handy measuring cups and a baking pan.

First you add all the dry ingredients into your pan and then make three little wells in the ingredients and add your wet ingredients and then with a little elbow grease, mix this bad boy up and there you have it. You're cake mix ready to go into the oven. Top it with your choice of frosting (maybe vegan also? You're half way there already, friend), and then get it ready to serve.

It's perfect if you have it for a birthday party, or a bring into school treat for your children (there are really so many restrictions on what you can bring into classrooms nowadays...but hey, this recipe is peanut-free!) Settle in and enjoy this classic that has lasted for more than half a century.

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