List of Edible Flowers from A to Z

Flowers don't just beautify the garden nor are they not just something that will make your room look good. They are also healthy for your body. That's right! There are many flowers out there that you could eat and include in your meal. You must be careful and know your edible plants because there are many that are also poisonous. Be sure that you are aware of the edible flowers that you can incorporate in your food before you put them on your plate! Edible flowers can be your a beautiful solution if youre trying to find some unique garnish for your cakes. Instead of the usual icing and candy coated flowers, why not try a real edible one? That will make heads turn for sure!

Here are some of them that you should take note the next time you use them for your salads and even cupcakes.

1. Angelica-this edible flower looks lacy, and it is white in color. It also has tender stems, which makes it easier for you to distinguish its kind. It tastes like celery, so you can use it in your salads, or you can it add it in your soup.

2. Basil-you can easily spot this herbs flowers because they grow along with it, and they are all white in color. You can get mint, chocolate and even basil flavor out of these edible flowers depending on its variety.

3. Borage-if you want some blue colored edible flowers in your cake, this is what we suggest that you get. It also offers pink or white at times, and it tastes like cucumber. It is also perfect for vegetable salads and a garnish to fish dishes.

There is a long list of edible flowers out there that you might want to take a look at. Check out the website Gardening Channel below to discover them all.

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