Loaded Chicken And Potato Casserole

Loaded chicken and potato casserole, you like? “No.” Oh, why is that? “Cosserole is not my thing.” Come again? “Are you deaf? I said cosserole is not on the list of my favorite food!” Oh, I understand. Well, listen, Tarantino. It’s not ‘cosserole’. It’s ‘casserole’. With an ‘a’. As in ‘apple’. Now, repeat after me: ka-su-rowl. “What-e-ver.” Ok! It is nice talking to you, and it’s pretty much obvious that you don't have any idea what casserole is. Don't you worry old friend I am here... I am here to fill your information… and more information about casserole. “I said it’s not my---” Stop talking.

Casserole is a “large, deep dish used both in the oven and as a serving vessel.” It is pronounced as ka-su-rowl. The word ‘casserole’ comes from the French word ‘casse’ which means a case. The term is also used “for the food cooked and served in such a vessel, with the cookware itself called a casserole dish or casserole pan.” In the United States and Europe, casserole usually includes meat such as chicken, like the recipe we have today, fish, vegetables, flour, rice, potato or pasta, with cheesy toppings. In making casserole, “liquids are released from the meat and vegetables during cooking, and further liquid in the form of stock, wine, beer, gin cider, or vegetable juice may be added when the dish is assembled. They are usually cooked slowly in the oven, often uncovered.” This can be served as the main course or side dish. There are many types of casserole: the ragout, hot pot, cassoulet, tajine, moussaka, lasagne, shepherd's pie, gratin, rice or macaroni timballo, and carbonnade.

The precursor of the modern casserole is invented by a French Canadian immigrant, Elmire Jolicoeur in 1866. Today’s casseroles are a modern invention. The casserole recipes before consist of “rice that was pounded, pressed, and filled with a savory mixture of meats such as chicken or sweetbreads.” During the 20th century, casserole cooking as a one-dish meal rose to popularity.

Now is the time for--- “I said I don't like casserole!” *sighs* Alright. You know, you cannot NOT like something without even trying it. So before you pass any judgments, try this loaded chicken and potato casserole first. Hmmkay?

Now it is time for you to enjoy! You can view the link to the recipe for the "Life in the Lofthouse" website below.

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