Low Cost Prefabricated log house

You will be amazed at this "Low Cost Prefabricated log house" design, available in a variety of sizes, plans and styles to suit every need and preference. This prefab tiny house can be built by yourself, or you can hire a builder to build it for you, either way the price is extremely reasonable.

The tiny house is made of pine. This tiny house is 736 square feet in size, but it comes in a variety of sizes and plans. This wooden tiny house is a prefab house kit that comes with easy step by step instructions to build. You can either build the tiny house on your own, or hire a builder to build it for you. The price of the tiny house wooden kit includes PVC windows, doors, locks , floor joists and floor, interior wall, roof boards , the complete house structure but without paint and roof tiles. If you want the tiny house to have a foundation you would have to hire someone to do this for you, or this you can also do yourself. This tiny house has a cute front covered porch and a low peaked roof. A tiny house such as this would be the perfect vacation home for summer holidays, and vacations with your family and friends. You could also use this tiny house as a backyard office, artist studio space, writing space of guesthouse. For some people this tiny house would make the perfect full time living space, you would have to add cupboards and appliances, but it's the perfect little space for living, and at an affordable price.

The small house movement also known as the tiny house movement, is a famous description for the architectural and social movement that advocates living simply in small homes. In the United States the average size of new single family homes grew from 1,780 square feet in 1978 to 2,479 square feet in 2007, and to 2,662 square feet in 2013, despite a decrease in the actual size of the average family. Reasons for this include increased material wealth and prestige. The tiny house movement is a return to houses of less than 1,000 square feet. Frequently the distinction is made between small between 400 square feet and 1,000 square feet, and tiny houses that are less than 400 square feet, with some houses as small as 80 square feet. Downsizing to a tiny house is a great way to do away with large mortgages, hydro bills and all the stuff that goes into a large house, and a way to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Tiny houses comes in a variety of styles and designs to include micro living, teardrop campers, bicycles, sheds, tree houses, car camping, van dwelling, gypsy vardo caravan, backyard offices; small living, small houses, apartments, cottages, park models, house boats, yurts, house boats, cob cottages, dome home; tiny living, tiny houses, cabins, tiny house interiors, house trucks, buses, RVs, travel trailers, cargo trailers, no loft tiny houses and more.

Now, there are a few ways to buy a very low cost pre-fabricated log house, but the most cost effective way is to search on Alibaba.com. From here you can connect with outsource suppliers that can build and design (or sell pre-designed cabins) at extremely low prices. This is where the retail shops go to get their supply (which they then mark up and sell to you) but you don't need to go to a retail shop... a little extra effort can get you a great price on a sourced log cabin.

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