Make A Compost Bin Out Of Pallets

This project combines a few of my favorite things into one useful, ecologically friendly, efficient package for your backyard. Organic gardening, composting, upcycling or recycling and diverting both food matter and wooden pallets from the waste stream all make me happy and this project covers all those bases. As far as I am concerned a wooden pallet should never end up in a landfill. There are so many great projects for upcycling pallets and this is one of the most useful, especially for the home gardener.

I have seen pallet compost bins made in a variety of ways, most commonly in a 3-bin system. The advantage of using a 3-bin compost system is that you can have one bin that you are actively adding material to at any given time. Another bin that is actively decomposing but is closed off to adding any new waste. The third bin can be used a variety of ways such as storing dry leaf mulch for layering your compost, for flipping compost from other bins to ensure more complete results or for keeping empty to start a new bin once the other two are full.

Pallets are ideal for compost bins because of the wide spaces between the slats. These spaces allow for good aeration of the bin which is essential for decomposition of your plant and food wastes. However, these wide spaces also allow entry of rats which are a common problem with urban compost bins. I have seen pallet compost bins lined with hardware cloth to deter rats, but it is quite difficult to build a fully rat proof bin. Even if you manage to fully surround the interior of your bin with hardware cloth initially, once the wood gets damp it tends to shift and gaps around the edges often result. You are better off simply being careful about what you put in your bin, avoiding foods like bread, cheese and meat that rats find especially tasty.

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