Make an electric guitar

The very first thing to consider when planning to make an electric guitar is to get some plans. Research for any guitar type ideas as well as its components in order to prepare your budget. Make sure you really wanted to pursue this project because electric guitar is a bit tricky and will just waste your money if you decided to quit halfway upon doing it. You may search some ideas using Google or surf videos via YouTube for designs that might suits you.

The next step is to list all the components you will need and purchase them at your local hardware store. You need to prepare tools like saw or band saw, a drill and a belt or oscillating sander. Below are some of the components you need.

- 2 Potentiometers(pots)- Control Knobs for pots

- 2 Hum buckers

- 3 way switch

- Fretboard

- Set of machine heads

- Truss rod

- A bridge

- A guitar nut

- Neck screws

- Neck plate

- Output jack

Now that you already had the components to be use, the next thing to consider is where you will buy these components. These can be found either in Ebay, Warmoth, Stewmac, or in any guitar local stores in your area. The next step that you need to ponder is how to incorporate each components to build up your guitar. Bear in mind that this project takes time, so dont expect to finish it overnight.

Steps like picking the body type and tonewoods, planning the neck and hardware, buying a template and a neck, preparing your tools and getting it together, cutting and drawing of the body of your guitar, routing and painting the body, cutting the neck, prepare and fret the neck, buy and place truss rod as well as set-up the hardware, bolt it all together, prepare setting it up and plugging it in are only some of the next steps you need to pursue and consider.

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