Man Builds Tiny Log Cabin for $500

A popular trend which seems to be rising in popularity is that of living in small or tiny homes, after doing a bit of research into why this type of living is becoming so admired I find myself quite intrigued by the whole idea. So you can understand when I see an article such as Man Builds Tiny Log Cabin for $500 I can't help but take a look.

This popular trend offers definite advantages and benefits to a person, couple or a family's lives, first off more financial freedom and of course enjoying a life more on your own terms. This has never been more true, especially with the rising prices of homes and the high cost of living, this type of life affords people to live a richer, fuller life, a life that isn't constantly filled with worries about paying a huge mortgage, a life that may include more travel and less material processions.

Of course if this is the type of life you may be considering you'll have to rethink both the way you live and how you utilize your space. This might include sleeping in a loft, having storage in more unique spots such as underneath a sitting bench or underneath stairs, you might just have a shower without a tub, your kitchen and living area will most likely be a combined space. But with this new way of living, you will most likely spend more time outside and this without a doubt can be a wonderful thing.

Tiny or small home living may or may not be for everyone, but one thing for certain after looking into this it makes a person realize they don't need as much space or stuff as most of us think, I believe we are all capable of living more simply.

Anyhow, here is what the house looks like. Not bad! Want another story like this? Check out this cool log cabin built cheaply Another Log Cabin Built for $700

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