Meet the 15 Year-old Girl Who Took Over the Chinese Internet

This young girl has apparently done a whole 'makeover' of herself, and caused quite the sensation in China, with plenty of comments coming her way. "Meet the 15 Year-old Girl Who Took Over the Chinese Internet," its obvious from the photos that she has had a lot of work done.

Li Enxi, the 15 year old girl from Zhengzhou, Henan province, gives new meaning to the adage 'any publicity is good publicity,' as she has caused a lot of interest at the photos she has posted of herself onto the internet. Henan is said to have had 'full body plastic surgery, and spends her days uploading suggestive photos, and arguing with people who have called her plastic surgery failure. Some people have called her a 'snake spirit,' an evil serpent in Chinese mythology, capable of transforming into a beautiful woman with eerily white skin. Others say her Barbie like looks, are artificial.

The girl has said that she receives plenty of free gifts and rides because of her looks. Whatever people say, it doesn't change the fact that she is so young, and if this girl has had all that plastic surgery, it seems a bit young to have had all that done. It goes to show what sort of society we live in when this sort of thing is happening, I think there should be some sort of age restriction for plastic surgery, if in fact this girl has had the amount of plastic surgery said. The girl is definitely unique looking, and that can also be done with makeup, she looks a lot like the anime characters of Japan (a distinct type of animation that is popular), many people like to do cosplay and dress up like their favorite characters.

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