Mini Banana Split Pastry Dessert

Are you a fan of a nice, big, loaded banana split every once in a while? If you are, you will surely love this Mini Banana Split Pastry Dessert. This dessert is a perfect pastry version of a banana split, just without the ice cream. It does however, have whipping cream on it like a normal banana split would have on it. You also use some banana pudding in the recipe for more of a banana flavour, but you could also use vanilla and this recipe would be just as good. Then of course, the fruit that goes into it, there is the banana of course, the pineapple, strawberry and the cherry on top is an absolute must! Banana Splits have been around for a long time! And they bring as a fun an nostalgic feeling, usually of old 50's diners, where the waitresses wore roller skates to work, and the pretty waitress uniforms. This kind of thing was a part of a simpler time. When people would go out to have a milk shake or a banana split, and share it with a friend or a loved one. People would hang out all evening or all day at these diner joints. It was a great gathering spot, and usually they even had a juke box to play some great tunes on.

The banana split was invented a while before the 1950's though. It was invented in 1904, by a fellow named David Evans Strickler, who worked at a pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. He was always coming up with new and fun recipes and this was one of them! He was only 23 at the time too! This banana spilt pastry might just spark some of those nostalgic memories. You could try this out with other fruit and pudding combinations too if you want to get super creative and make some of your own versions. I think an apple filling would be awesome with some vanilla pudding and whipped cream, or just chocolate pudding with banana and strawberries! That would also be really good too! Once you have put all of the fruit on so nicely, then goes on the whipped cream dollop, and then a good drizzle of chocolate sauce... I bet you are really craving one now, if you weren't before! You could even add some ice cream on the side as well and make it really epic!

These would be great little desserts to make for a birthday party, as well as a fun activity for the kids to do with supervision. They could scoop in the pudding, add the fruit that they wanted, and top with the whipped cream, chocolate sauce and cherry! It would be something fun for them to do and of course they would love to eat it all up when they are done! There is even fruit, so it is not super unhealthy, like some of the other desserts out there. Have you ever tried something like this before? Don't they make theirs look so pretty with the little star and the way they arrange their fruit? Try it out, head over to 'Cooking on the Front Burner' by following the link in the section below for more!

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