Mobile Ski Chalet

It is always amazing to see into different tiny homes built all over the world, each is unique to both the builder and the owner being a personal reflection in style and design. This "Mobile Ski Chalet" may be tiny but is large on design features.

This mobile ski chalet is just 112 square feet and belongs to extreme skier Zac Griffin, the host of FYI's Tiny House Nation, a show that feature people from all over the country who are living the tiny house lifestyle. The tiny mobile ski chalet is home to Giffin and his girlfriend, skier Molly Baker. The tiny house was built on a trailer and features a wood stove, living space, and a lofted guest bedroom and storage that can be accessed by a floating staircase. This tiny house was built by Giffin for almost $25,000 and took about seven weeks to complete. You'll want to see inside this tiny house.

Tiny house living is more popular than ever before with more and more people downsizing from their large sized homes and large mortgages, into smaller houses where they can own their tiny homes outright and have more money to do what they are passionate about from hobbies to traveling. Downsizing into a smaller house also means you need less stuff, as you have less space to fill and need to make every inch of space count. Living in a smaller house means you have less bills such as smaller hydro bills, and most likely no mortgage, what could be better than that. You'll find all sorts of tiny houses to include domes, prefab tiny homes, gingerbread cottages, strawbale houses, cobb cottages and beach shacks to name a few.

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