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The views alone are what make this "A Timber Frame Fire Tower" incredible, with mountains and forests all around, it wouldn't be such a bad place to stay! This timber frame fire tower is located in Montana, and it offers some of the most spectacular wide open views of western Montana you will see.

This beautiful timber frame fire tower is where a lovely couple calls home. The timber frame fire tower rests on a mountain ridge, at a height of 1,400 feet, the impressive timber frame building has lots of rustic log home appeal. The log house came to be when Architect Scott Elden got together with the owner of Centennial Timber Frames, Mike Koness, and they took on the challenge of designing and raising this beautiful three story home. The initial log home project was unusual to start, but once they got going, the amazing results made it completely worth the while. The fir timbers used are reinforced with steel brackets and X-cross beams. The effort to make the log build secure went even 20 feet below the surface, where the beams were secured to the rock foundation. Besides the breathtaking views from the log house of the surrounding trees, water and miles and miles of blue skies, you can also spend quality time relaxing on the six foot wide wrap around catwalk as well as the deck available on the second level. The owners used 100 year old reclaimed barn wood to save some cost, and it proves to look amazing by adding even more character than this unique and beautiful log home already has. The practice is extended throughout the log home with pieces of furniture already owned, like the built in cabinets or the pull out bed sofa. You'll want to take a virtual tour of the log place so you can fall in love even more. Waking up with views all around like this make this one of a kind home, the thing that dreams are made of, and the design of this log home is amazing, comparable to living in a tree house, you would want to retire in a place like this, it really doesn't get much better than this timber frame fire tower, all the rustic design details make this place even more appealing.

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