Now You Can Have Your Own Personal Sanctuary for Just $19,000

This adorable Cabin Title 134 is a micro-cabin space. The tiny house has a footprint that is 144 square feet but is under 100 square feet inside. The tiny house kit comes with a sleeping loft space upstairs, so there is more space than you would expect. The micro-cabin space feels open with the windows that let in lots of natural light. This tiny house kit is approximately $19,000. You can buy the tiny house plans for this kit and also build it yourself. Some of the other details about this tiny house kit are that there is ventilation up provided by a double opening triangular window up top. The cute dormer on the front of the tiny house and the shed dormer on the back of the tiny house design, only further increase the space in the tiny loft. The front door of this tiny house design is steel and features a double-glazed window with internal security bars and a refrigerator-like door seal, which is ideal for colder climates. You also have the option of choosing premium cedar doors that also come in steel construction for no extra charge. The double-glazed vinyl windows that are a nice match to the cedar windows are another available option. Using these windows can provide a great weather seal and are a great choice to use with the insulation packages.

The tiny wooden cabins are built with cedar or maintenance-free siding, and cedar doors, trim and windows. All of the tiny cabins, tiny cottages and bunkies on the Cabana Village site come with standard half inch plywood roof sheathing. If you are looking for some small house and tiny house inspiration, this site is the right place to be. The site will give you a pretty good idea, and just why tiny houses are so popular. You will most likely be surprised at all the tiny house designs and tiny house plans out there. Tiny house designs you will see on the site include custom made housetruck by the Federal Motorhome Company called The Big Maroon, a micro-cabin that is in the jungle, a tiny houseboat on pontoons known as the AbleNook, and an indestructible tiny stone house found all the way in Spain. You'll also find a 740 Square Foot Floating Home in Seattle, a Treehouse Cabin you can stay in at Moose Meadow Lodge Vermont, and a unique Shipping Container Cabin Community. You will leave this tiny house site with a whole new perspective on tiny house living, and you might just come back to look again.

Have you ever considering living in a tiny house? For some the thought is out of the question, for others, the possibility is not so far away. What's interesting is that tiny houses have been around since forever. They just weren't always called tiny houses; they were just considered a place to live. Whether they be a yurt, an igloo, a cob cottage or tiny log cabin. Tiny houses have always been around. You will find other tiny houses like traditional teepees, beach shacks, strawbale homes, gingerbread cottages and tiny prefabricated homes. With that said today you will find more tiny house designs and tiny house plans than ever before. Maybe you just need a space to start a business, a tiny house that you can use as an artist studio or writers cabin. Some people use them on a piece of property they have, and they spend weekends there or summer holidays. Whatever you dream, a tiny house can help you get there, and they come in so many unique designs that you can have fun with.

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