Off Grid Eco-Home Offers Minimal-Impact Living MUST See VIDEO!

This is one amazing project you just have to see! The Off Grid Eco-Hotel Concept, offers minimal-impact living and doesn't spare in any other area of style and design. It truly looks like a house from a fantasy movie, which is so awesome! The Drop XL is a cute little pod house that is intended to be used as a guest house or eco hotel, or even for a small house dweller. The style and design are truly inspiring and beautifully modern, with all of the hard wood and glass, stainless steel, and aluminum. It is supposed to have minimal impact on the environment as well, so they have designed it to sit on stilts that won't disturb the natural world too much.

The design was the creation of IN-TENTA, an architecture and design firm out of Barcelona, Spain. The pod will be 322 square feet in total, with everything a home needs, a kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living room. As well as a great little patio that you could sit out on. The shape is what makes it so unique! Very rarely do you see a pill shaped home or even a home with mostly rounded edges. Most homes are composed of right angles. The windows are another unique aspect of the pod house, there are two domed windows on either end of it making it look almost other worldly, but they let in lots of amazing sun light. The sky light also lets in an ample amount of sun light as it runs all the way along the house.

This would be such a cool place to live or even just to stay in for a few nights as a hotel! Head over to Gizmag by following the link in the description below for more about the Drop XL and more amazing gizmos and gadgets!