One Genius Cleaning Tip that will Change your World

As anyone who has done the cleaning around the house knows, you can spend a lot of money on all sorts of household cleaners, and sprays. Often the products and things that clean the best, are just the simple things you have around the house, this "One Genius Cleaning Tip that will Change your World," will have you wanting to start cleaning, and will save you money.

Lemons, I always have them in the house, I squeeze some lemon juice into my drinking water each morning, then I follow by juicing one whole lemon into my green juice each day. Lemons smell clean and refreshing, and that is why you'll find many cleaners that have a lemon scent. This little tip found on the informative website The Kitchn, is one I will definitely try, it's so simple, and I always have lemons around. The simple trick is just to put a lemon wedge in the dishwasher before washing a load of dishes, it can be a lemon peel or full lemon wedge (even if its been juiced), skewer one onto a plate wire, or put into the cutlery department and run a normal cycle. The lemon helps to freshen up a load, with the faint smell of lemon, plus your dishes will sparkle.

This site has a whole list of lemon tips, another one I will definitely try is using a lemon to clean the microwave. Take a lemon, slice it in half, get a microwavable measuring cup or bowl, fill with water, add the lemon and microwave on high for 3 minutes, do not open the microwave at this point, let stand for 5 minutes, then take out the measuring cup and lemon and wipe down with a dry cloth, thats it. You can also use some lemon juice and a cloth to work on stubborn stains in the microwave.

Lemons really are the best thing, not only can you clean with them but they can be used in a variety of recipes from drink recipes, baking recipes, appetizer recipes, , dressing recipes, sauces and recipes. Lemon juice is used to make the best summer drink of all, fresh lemonade to this you can add some simple sugar syrup, maple syrup, honey or agave. Then of course you can also use lemon juice for cocktails and soft drinks if you'd like. Lemons are also popular in the delicious lemon meringue pie recipe, which is always best when made homemade with fresh lemon. For a good salad dressing recipe you can use fresh lemon juice, some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt and pepper for a salad dressing recipe that is fresh and perfect for fresh veggies from the garden. You can also use lemon juice for a nice tahini sauce that can be put onto falafels, just take some tahini, fresh lemon juice, some salt and enough water to make the tahini sauce the consistency you want, and you have a tahini sauce that is healthy and tasty too. Of course who can resist a nice lemon dessert bar recipe or even a simple slice of lemon added to a glass of water. These are just a few of the great ways you can use lemon.

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