One-of-a-kind bathroom designs! Amazing wooden counter-tops!

When you have a one of a kind house you definitely want a one of a kind bathroom to show off your style to your guests, or even just for your own aesthetic pleasure. Check out these awesome One-of-a-kind bathroom designs! Amazing wooden counter-tops! It is important to love your bathroom, its a place where you spend a lot of time, getting ready to go out into the world, or pampering yourself when you need some down time. Its awesome to see when people really go all out with their designs, making something totally unique and special, one of a kind, that only they have in their home.

I love the wooden countertops in the photo featured with this article, they just bring in nature in such a beautiful way, with the large slab of wood, with all of it's natural bends and knots. The way that it is mounted is awesome too, with the black chains that hold it up from the wall! It looks so gothic almost. The shades of brown and chestnut tones of the wood give the bathroom a total earthy feel, and make it look very warm and cozy. Would you like a bathroom like this?

The other one in this list that I love is the lighter blondish orange colour of wood, that is all etched and carved so meticulously, with all of the flowers and filagree, it looks so magical, and how the archway is done in a diamond or triangle shape, just frames the section of the bathroom with the pedestal sink so well. The windows allow a nice soft light into the room that creates a nice soft glow with the wood. It would be a very peaceful place to relax in the bath. Check out the other amazing bathrooms here! Head over to 'Jozz Dug' by following the link in the section below for more!

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