Plants That Repel Ticks And Fleas

There is nothing worse than an unwanted guest popping in for a chat, or worse, a stay that could last an entire season. Day upon day of torment. The biting, the itchiness, not to mention the hassle. There must be some way to expel those unwanted lodgers without breaking the bank or poisoning your home with nasty pesticides. And luckily there is!

Take some time to invest in these plants around your home and garden to help rid your life of these unwanted pests. Say "hasta la vista, baby" to those fleas, mosquitos, ticks, and gnats. Plus, for centuries many of these plants were used for their natural medicinal purposes.

Plants such as Feverfew, which not only rids your garden of a couple of those insects, but also helps to dispel headaches, assists with some bowel movement activities, and brings your bloating down from painful and rounded to flat and painless. Why would you ever pass up on the chance to stick such helpful, simple proactive precautions in your home? Not only will your home be pretty much bug free, blossoming with flowers and other assorted plants, but it will smell absolutely delicious in your home.

No need to spend money on those expensive Bath and Body Works candles, or on those bug repellents that never work, or those pesticides that kill your lawn and probably the earth you currently inhabit, when in reality all you have to do is pop into your local garden centre and pick a few pretty pots of Pennyroyals- which repel mosquitos, gnats and fleas!

After taking these precautions feel free to lounge in your own garden with your feet up and a lemonade in your hand without worrying about an unexpected drop-in this summer from some unwanted guests. Now, if only there were some magical plants to keep away your in-laws...

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