Protect Your Backyard Chicken With Treadle Chicken Feeder

This great DIY article teaches you how to build your very own treadle chicken feeder. This invention is perfect for feeding your chickens and at the same time keeping wild birds, rats and mice away from sharing your water and expensive chicken feeds. This is very important in raising chickens on your backyard. But why is it important to keep rats and wild birds away from your feeds? Not only they eat the feeds, but they can be infected with bird flu. Some wild birds like sparrow or starlings and even squirrels carry diseases that can affect your backyard chicken flocks. A single vermin can introduce any diseases that can be lethal to chicken since they dont have natural immunity. These diseases can be a form of conjunctivitis, pneumonia, respiratory failure and just a simple flu.

With the help of treadle chicken feeder, the feeds are safe and so your chickens. Theres no way vermin can reach and steal feed as its design is distant and narrow. Pests would need to be heavy enough to work the treadle feeder. Its door is tightly closed because of its spring that only your chickens can operate it. It is ideal for chickens to use treadle feeder, they can learn to step and receive food without any issue on pests because the food is kept safe. As they walk up to the treadle feeder, the lift will be activated because of their weight and thats how they can access the food. You dont even need to worry about forgetting to supply them every day as you just keep the feeder full.

The treadle is made of wood and building this feeder is not very complicated. Follow the simple instruction on video at 'Goods Home Design' to build your own treadle chicken feeder.

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