Recycled Car Wheel BBQ / Fire Pit

Have you even driven through one of those neighborhoods where there were old battered cars rusting away in every corner and in some cases on top of each other? Hoods scattered here, wheels scattered there...and you just think to yourself that there has to be a better way! There are oodles of things you can to recycle old bits of cars and other machinery, like this recycled car wheel bbq/fire pit. The metal makes for a great conductor and safety is almost guaranteed as it will not catch fire. The size is also appealing as you can fit either some hot coals to start on fire, or else some bits of wood and roast your marshmallows or hot dogs. It is easy to bring along with you and to a camp site.

If you want it a bit fancier, you can add on a grate and some legs and if you can get these for free too, this recycled unit becomes the perfect backyard bbq pit.

If you are not big burning and barbecuing then you can also use these metal wheel parts and paint them up to make your own custom designd flower pots. A little paint and some broken clay can make a beautiful mosaic pattern. The beautiful thing about recycling is that you truly can create magic. The idea of someones old junk that is sitting their rusting being turned into something useful and free is a gift that more of us should make use of.

For more information on just how this awesome recycled car wheel bbq/fire pit was built check out the link below to 'Goods Home Design'.

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