Rocking Chair And Cradle In One

Do you have children yet? If not maybe you have some on the way or are considering them in the near future? If you're kids aren't big already, then you need to get this rocking chair and cradle in one. If your kids are big on the other hand, then you need to get this as the best gift ever for your friends who are parents-to be. If you've raised little babies, then you know that it's often that you have them nestled in your arms, all cradled and cozy as they doze off into a relaxing slumber. But then as they begin to wane off into lala land, you realize you need to set them down in their crib. Some children, bless their hearts, are easy and go down without so much as a peep. While others feel that moment of you setting them down, and awake in an abrupt cry to encourage you to pick them back up so they can get back to that warm embrace.

While it's lovely to have them fall asleep in your arms, it's usually pretty consistent advice for parents not to let this become a habit because then they never learn to fall asleep on their own instead. It can be a difficult road to travel, figuring out what works best for your little family and of course there's no one answer that is best suited to everyone. That's why a lot of it has to do with trial and error, as well as simply following your gut instinct.

Now although there are a lot of things parents won't agree upon, this wonderful rocking chair and cradle in one is probably one of those few things that most parents would agree is amazing. Now you don't have to wrestle with the baby as you make the transition from your arms to their crib. All you have to do is set them in their crib, as you rock beside them, singing your lullabies and putting your sleep magic to use.

This article is featured on the "Instructables" website so you can actually learn how to craft one of these ingenious pieces of furniture for yourself. There are clear step by step instructions along with simple photos so that you can follow along and build it in no time at all. If you are handy with simple tools at all then this will be a piece of cake for you. If you're not so handy, then maybe consider getting a good friend to help you out. Who knows, maybe you can request it as a baby shower gift?

If my kids weren't already too big, I would definitely be finding a way to get my hands on these. Heck I might even consider trying to build this rocking chair and cradle in one, all by myself! Yes it does seem that simple. There's very little cutting of wood going on, and just a few steps to piece it all together once you have the parts sorted. If you have some friends that you think would appreciate this, then make sure to share, and checkout the article for yourself by clicking on one of the links.

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