Rudy’s Slow Cooker Creamed Corn

There are some things that are just classics at the dinner table and creamed corn is just one of those things. If you want to try and make some from scratch, try out this awesome recipe for Rudy’s Slow Cooker Creamed Corn! A very simple and easy to follow recipe that you will love more than that canned stuff you buy at the store. The people over at 12 Tomatoes decided to make their own creamed corn, so they took this recipe and adapted it to their own tastes and through some trial and error, they came up with this recipe for us!

The great thing about corn is, you can get it fresh and cut it off of the cob, or you can buy it frozen, so that it still has most of it's nutrients in tact. Corn is a very affordable and good for you food, that was once a staple and still is a staple for a lot of the tribes that live in North America. Native tribes consider the corn plant a very sacred plant, because it grew where once things did not, and came through even if there was a drought and there was always an abundance of it.

Corn can make many things, as well as being great just on it's own. You can grill the cobs and eat it right off of the cob, or you can shave the niblets off and eat them like that or freeze them for later use, like for a recipe like this one! People also make tortillas and chips out of the ground up corn and there is also corn meal that is made and can make things like corn bread, and porridge, or muffins. The kernels can also be heated for pop corn! Try out this awesome creamed corn! Just head over to '12 Tomatoes' by following the link in the section below for more!

A slow cooker, otherwise known as a Crock-Pot, a trademark that is sometimes used generically in both the United States and Canada, Australia and New Zealand, is a countertop electrical cooking appliance that is used for simmering, which requires maintaining a relatively low temperature (compared to other cooking methods such as baking, boiling, and frying). The slow cooker allows for unattended cooking for many hours of pot roast, stews, soups, boiled dinners and other suitable dishes, including dips, desserts and beverages. Slow cookers are especially useful for busy cooks, that work during the day.

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