Russian Scientist: UFO collided with Tunguska Meteorite to Save the Earth

Is it at all possible that Aliens could be trying to save us from disasters? It is so common to fear the idea of aliens among us that we ignore the idea that perhaps they truly do come in peace?

Reports of people in the 'know' have said that the last thing that aliens want is for us to self destruct, as this will also affect their own worlds and ecosystems.

There are new reports that the reason that Earth did not get obliterated by the Tunguska meteorite is due to the protection of none other than, aliens. Russian scientist Yuriy Lavbin has found evidence from the crash that there was an intriguing finding in the debris of the crash that included 10 quartz crystals that could be united into a chain. The question now becomes what could that chain be fore? Some of the crystals have strange markings on them, markings that cannot be made with the technology that we have available. Also, the crystals reportedly have a compound (a kind of iron) on them, that can only be produced in space.

This crash took place back in 1908 when an enormous volcanic ball raced over the sky scaring people out of their homes and ended up in a deserted taiga, destroying everything living around it. Only years later a Siberian scientist was exploring the crash site, carefully searching the surrounding area when he found strange quartz boards. He said that these stones do not exist on our planet. Upon further investigation markers from lasers were discovered and guessed that perhaps they were part of a navigational system of a UFO.

Apparently, had this meteorite hit earth, weighing over 1 billion tonnes, it would have destroyed us, and after more investigation of these strange quartz crystals, showing a marking of an alien face, the researchers on board do believe that it was an alien rescue of the highest.

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