Rustic Log Bar

Do you like an all wood kind of look in your home? Here is a great Rustic Log Bar for your to check out and maybe be inspired for your own home projects. This bar is not only super stunning in it's design and construction, but it is very durable as well. This is the kind of furniture that is made to last. This bar set will probably out live the people who own it and still look just as good. This bar fits into the basement lounge area of the home it's in so well. It looks so rustic and very natural.

Ryan's Rustic Railings and Furniture got it's start building railings for clients in 1994 and have been doing wood working ever since. They work with various types of wood like northern white cedar, pine, ash, maple, birch, oak, and willow to make the beautiful things they create. They make a lot of different furniture that suits each and every client perfectly. They design and build tables, stools, benches, desks, chairs, and bars like the one you see here, as well as still doing the railings and other wood working projects. There is even a beautiful sink that they made with a custom granite top and unique sink on top of it. The way they made it makes it look so unique and very natural, like a tree trunk holding a sink!

Ryan's Rustic Railings operates out of Gheen, MN and they want to work on any project a person may have in mind. If the project can be shipped, they would probably ship it to you too if you don't live in the area. You must see some of their amazing work on their website!

Head over to Ryan's Rustic Railings by following the link in the description below for more!

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