Sausage and Peppers

Sausage and Bell Peppers – Yum! This must be the easiest, yet absolutely the most delicious recipe ever! It's a classic Italian dish that my grandmother always used to serve as one of her many plates during our Sunday family get-togethers. I miss her dearly, but, she lives now through my cooking – though I’m afraid I’ll never get to her level. She must have had some something extra special because no matter how many times I make her recipes, following each step with perfect precision, they just don’t taste the same as hers did. Perhaps I’m just too hard on myself! And perhaps my future grandchildren will think the same of my cooking – wouldn’t that be nice?

Sausages and peppers are the perfect combination any day of the week and they are a great way to load up on your daily protein quota as well as all of your best nutrients, without all those carbs! Traditionally, this dish is made in the skillet, but during the summer months, I have everything prepared outdoors on the grill. And it does make it taste different – I think a little better – Oops, sorry Grandma! It’s super easy and really just requires your favourite sausages along with a few other simple things.

I love this meal because the sausages get that smoky barbecued flavour and the bell peppers become wonderfully soft and sweet - and the onions, the delectable onions - just add so much flavour! All this dish really needs is a bit of salt and pepper – however, if you get Italian or seasoned sausages, this won’t even be necessary. Once everything is grilled up, I throw it all into a big stainless steel bowl, and with big kitchen scissors, chop chop chop away. All those juices and flavours come together like magic, creating one of the most mouth-watering meals, ever. The whole family will enjoy this one, and so will your friends. Mere acquaintances will become best friends if you serve this as a casual potluck!

Once you’ve put it all on a plate, be sure to drizzle it with a little extra virgin olive oil and enjoy! See, I told you, it’s really THAT simple!

I found this delicious recipe over at the “Cooking with Nona” website. This is a wonderful website that you might want to check out if you are interested in genuine, traditional Italian cooking. Launched in 2008, its focus has always been on collecting, preserving, and sharing the oldest culinary traditions from all regions of Italy.

And they don’t just focus on the big chefs’ recipes either! They actually prefer to seek out the most obscure, remote, and secret recipes from the “Nonne” – or “Grandmothers” – which makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? When you think of it, it’s really our moms and grandmothers who know it all in regards to cooking. They’re the ones who’ve lived, breathed, and contributed to the traditions of cooking and they’re the best ones – the elders and wise women – to pass it on down to us. That’s why this site is called “Cooking with Nonna”, which really means “Cooking with Grandma”, and we all know what a real treat that is!

For the full recipe of Sausage and Bell Peppers, please be sure to visit the “Cooking with Nonna” website.

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