Sausage Cheese Balls (Easy)

While I was recently at a cocktail party, the host served meatballs on little sticks, sort of like these in this Easy Sausage Cheese Balls recipe. Having these yummy little meatball bites, of course, inspired me to do some searching to find a good recipe that would impress my guests at my next party, just as much as her appetizer impressed me! The great thing about these snacks is that they are filling, so you do not have to make lots and lots of them. It's always nice to have some snacks to offer to guests that are coming over for a party or a visit, and this recipe is great for any celebration or occasion, big or small. It's always nice to have many different appetizer recipes on hand, it saves you from having to search around in recipe books or online for that perfect recipe to make.

This meatball recipe from Wishes n Dishes food blog is a little bit out of the ordinary, but the flavors are divine. It is actually less of a meatball and more of 'sausage and cheese' balls recipe. This is not a gluten-free recipe because there is a heavy addition of bread to keep the meatballs together and easy to form into little balls, but you could always substitute in some gluten free bread if you wanted a gluten-free option. Gluten free loaves of bread are very easy to find these days in typical grocery stores that taste really good, just like normal bread, and that can be used as a replacement in recipes like this one.

Another occasion I love this recipe is for my kids, for some reason, my children are very happy to eat food that is sort of 'finger food' like these are. I am sure that all kids are like this and love these nice little bite-sized foods they can just pop in their mouths with ease. I can put these bad boys on a plate and within no time without even having to lure them into eating these meatballs, the smell from the oven makes them wander in from what they are doing, and they just can't help but try them. Once anyone gives these awesome bites a try, they definitely like them! If you are making these for kids, you can be really sneaky and add in healthy ingredients like flax seed ground up for more fiber and added nutrition. In fact, you can do this for adults too of course!

This recipe couldn't be any easier to make either, all you need is some pork sausage, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, milk, herbs like rosemary, and parsley, and some Bisquick biscuit mix for a binding agent. You basically mix all of those ingredients up in a bowl, and then roll them up into little bite-sized balls, and bake them in the oven. The whole process really only takes about forty minutes total! Now that is a recipe you might want to hang onto. You can also whip up this recipe in advance. You can make them the day before and refrigerate them until you cook them. Or, you can make them even a month ahead and freeze them from cooked or uncooked. These would be great after school snacks as well, or awesome in a pasta dish for dinner perhaps. This meatball recipe sure beats buying those prepackaged processed meatballs that you find in the frozen section of the grocery store. At least, you know exactly what you are putting into them, and you can modify the recipe however you like. Make sure you have some dipping sauce to dip these meatballs in too! They suggest a nice barbecue sauce or a chill sauce, but even a marinara sauce would be great!

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