Self Feeding Fire Burns for 14 Hours Plus

Many people are choosing to live an off grid life and off grid skills are certainly a must. Check out this great tutorial on this Self Feeding Fire Burns for 14 Hours Plus from the YouTube channel of Bob Hansler. There are so many great YouTube videos online these days. You can learn everything through YouTube now it seems. Plus you can watch music videos and listen to music and even find shows and movies to watch through there. The wonderful thing about YouTube is that its free. So you can have access to all of this information and it doesn't cost you anything. There are plenty of off grid life videos as well as how to and diy wood projects and craft projects. You can learn about homesteading, gardening, cooking, makeup, fashion, spirituality, astrology, home decore, tiny houses and so much more right in one place. Users on YouTube create a profile that they can upload videos to to share with others on their preferred area of expertise. With thousands of channels available, a person can really make their channel about anything they want. What seems to be most popular is people sharing their everyday lives with the online world. The users create Vlogs which is a video log of their day and their thoughts. People also record their opinions on things, as well as story times of interesting things that have happened in their lives. With all of the great content you could be on there for a while, learning and being entertained. Even if its just watching funny cat videos.

This tutorial is a really good idea on how to create off grid heating outdoors for a really long time. This particular fire that you see in the video actually lasted for 14 hours even though it rained. That is pretty incredible. Usually outdoor fires can be hard to keep going for a really long time. You need to really monitor the fire and feed it air as well as more wood to have a nice continuous burn. If you are into diy wood projects, this will be an awesome project to try out to see how it works. The man in the video shows us that he has placed a few pieces of tall pieces of wood in the ground to support the logs for the fire. These pieces of wood are basically placed in the ground diagonally and then the logs are placed on them in a U or a V shape that is what helps this off grid heating system work so well. There are also small pieces of wood placed in between the large logs to create air pockets in between them. The air is what helps to keep this fire going strong as fire needs air in order to exist. He shows how to start the fire with dry grasses and plants and he says it takes about 30 minutes to get the fire really going. So you must have patience when starting it. He also creates a clay barrier that he explains will help with the proper amount of air getting into the fire. Its incredible to see the time lapse of the logs burning, it takes more that five hours for the first logs to burn completely. Even when it starts raining, the fire keeps on going, which is absolutely amazing. For over 10 hours the fire goes until the last logs catch fire and it takes a full fourteen to fifteen hours for the whole fire to burn out. There are so many nice coals left as well which would be great to use for cooking. This diy fire would be awesome to try if you live off grid or even for camping out. Try it out and be amazed.*

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