She Hated Using Bug Spray Because of the Chemicals, But Hated Mosquito Bites Even More, Her Solution Was Brilliant

Mosquitoes and biting insects can ruin every outdoor experience. Everyone has tried mosquito coils or citronella candles and covered themselves in chemicals to ward away the offenders and their itchy bites. These bugs can ruin camping trips and outdoor picnics and even just an evening on the back porch.

I have tried numerous products - everything from mesh mosquito nets (which require installation and have to be closed perfectly or they will let the bugs INSIDE with you) to essential oils and famous brand names like "OFF mosquito repellent". I don't like the feel of the chemicals or sprays on my body and was concerned to spray my children with the strong smelling chemicals. It was easy to deal with the mild irritants once in awhile but when we moved to a different area we started to notice the bugs inside the house and they were affecting our quality of life.

So we started to research ideas about getting rid of the bugs on the internet. We tried setting up a mosquito "fan" that had netting and would basically suck the bugs from the air and trap them with the blowing air against the netting. It helped but wasn't the solution. My daughter finally came across this informative video on YouTube about building your own mosquito trap. We varied the recipe a little as we went and bought a coca-cola plastic bottle and used a bit of the coca-cola as the "sugar-syrup" to attract the little biting insects. IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM! We have a few of these passive traps around the main rooms of our house and change the syrup solution every couple of days, and you should see the number of bugs it catches!

Its become a bit of a morning ritual, and the step by step guide in the video was very informative and our 14-year-old daughter easily assembled the traps for our home. If anyone loves the outdoors as much as we do but would like to enjoy them a bit more WITHOUT mosquitoes, this is the video for you!

Check out the youtube link below for more details.

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