Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwich

Salut tout le monde! Would you like to have Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches for your snacks? “Oui, s'il vous plait.” *silence* Watch out, we're getting French-ier over here! Anyway, what is so special about this Slow Cooker Dip French Sandwich is that it is very quick and easy to make, and also versatile. However, before we go riding on a bicycle with baguettes here, do you guys want to know about French dip sandwiches? If you are, we should hang around for a little bit. *winks* “I’d love to, mademoiselle.” Good! Now, let’s get to know French dip sandwich and the person who makes the cut. *winks*

People, let’s meet Ashley from Chicago, Illinois. Ashley is a photographer and author behind CenterCutCook. She enjoys cooking and also loves experimenting with new recipes and taking photos of her lovely creations. In 2011, ‘Center Cut Cook’ is born. “CenterCutCook is a collection of my favorite recipes. I enjoy finding recipes to try, and adapting them to my tastes. Occasionally, I get ambitious and write my own recipes. Each recipe that is posted here has been cooked and photographed by yours truly,” Ashley says. Before ‘Center Cut Cook’, she is a teacher. “Prior to CenterCutCook, I was a middle school teacher and technology coordinator at a small private school. I enjoyed working with the kids the most and got great satisfaction knowing I was making a difference! Prior to teaching, I was a full-time tech blogger. I am truly a geek at heart and can partially thank my husband for this, as he is ‘head geek’ in our home,” she shares. You rule, Ms. Ashley! *smiles*

The French dip information begins now, Mesdames et Messieurs! French dip sandwich is also known as a beef dip. It is a hot sandwich consisting of thinly sliced roast beef or, sometimes, other meats on a ‘French roll’ or baguette. French dip sandwiches are usually served with beef juice from the cooking process or beef consommé. Few minutes ago, we were Frenchy, but people, French dip sandwiches originate in the United States. In fact, “this American specialty is almost completely unknown in France, the name seeming to refer to the style of bread rather than an alleged French origin.” *silence* What an irony. Seriously, I didn't know anything about it until now.

Well, whether it’s American or French, French dip sandwich’s lusciousness can never be put in question. Anyway, what are you guys waiting for? Now it is time for you to enjoy! The link to the recipe is found on the "Center Cut Cook" website below.

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