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This "Epic Tiny Cabin featured In Handmade Houses" is just one of the tiny houses you will see in the book with some of the most interesting and unique houses you will find in the world. The book written by author Richard Olsen, details the materials used for these original tiny homes with things like driftwood, old wine vats and boulders. This epic tiny cabin featured in Handmade Houses gives us a glimpse of what tiny house living could be like, with its forest location in what looks to be an arbutus grove of trees, the silo type feature of the tiny house draws you in and makes you want to stay a little longer. The dark wood on the outside the tiny house fits in perfectly with its forested surroundings, and the warm lights from inside take us into the high ceiling living space. This is just one of the amazing tiny houses you will see on the site.

Handmade Houses offers photos and stories of all sorts of tiny houses, and unique homes from Big Sur to Sardenia, filling you in on the homes roots and history, while exploring just how these tiny homes and their owners came to building their homes and the architectural salvage business and the reclaimed, industrial look that is so popular today. The book offers up a fascinating look of the houses themselves, their owners both professionals and amateurs who personally designed and built each tiny homes, or structure wile offering inspirations and stories behind the typical unconventional homes.You will learn design lessons from each home, with examples of environmentally aware construction methods with plenty of tips for use in more mainstream scenarios. Handmade Houses is an important and great read to be appreciated by anyone interested in environmentally friendly design, craft, tiny houses and the personal expression of style in the home.

If you like small homes and tiny homes, and even if you don't but are just a little bit intrigued, you will really appreciate this site. On it you will find all sorts of unique small homes and tiny homes that people live in and use from all across the world. Take a look, and you will probably be intrigued by what you see. Lobster Pod Tiny House, tiny kitchen storage, top 5 tips on how to organize your small space fast, amazing treehouse micro cabin you can actually live in, transforming furniture a workbed flips from desk to bed, shipping containers used to build a houseboat, 1953 25′ Spartan manor travel trailer for $6000 needs TLC, 1929 antique tiny house on wheels built on a model T Ford, Malissa Tack's tiny house big lot design in 3D, Russian barn style small log cabin cottage, 172 square foot micro A frame cabin bunkhouse, 800 square foot A frame cabin with deck, tiny mountain cabin in the snow, 580 square foot heritage log cabin, car tent so you can camp in the city, micro cabin in the jungle, the Swamp house your own tiny house compound, the Skyeia tin roof tiny cabin at Blue Moon Rising, Weller tiny house for sale for just $19,000, tiny houses showcased on Yahoo, tiny waterfront cabin, Fairytale tiny cob house and lots more!

Some people don't even realize it, but they've probably already stayed in a tiny house space. Maybe you were away on a vacation, and stayed in a mountainside log cabin, oceanside cabin, RV or beach shack. These tiny house spaces had everything you needed from kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living space.

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