Smooth As Red Velvet Pancakes

These Smooth As Red Velvet Pancakes look as good as they taste! This stack of delicious pancakes looks more like a cake than a breakfast recipe you can try. Typically red velvet is something we only see in cupcake recipes and cake recipes, so this pancake recipe is a nice variation on the popular idea.

This pancake recipe goes well with your mug of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace, but would also work at any time of year. It's easy to imagine a heaping plate of warm red velvety pancakes; the kids will especially like the variation on the popular breakfast recipe. You can also try your hand at making some creative seasonal shapes (depending on what time of year it is) with these pancake recipe. All you need is a squeeze bottle from the store, or you can even recycle an empty condiment squeeze container to do the same job. For more detailed created designs, you can adjust the size of the bottle tip on the nozzle. This is a great technique that will also eliminate all of those unwarranted pancake drips that we don't like to clean up afterwards. On the site, you can take a look at the step by step recipe tutorial video on how to make these delicious pancakes.

The ingredients you will need for this Red Velvet Pancakes Recipe include flour, powdered sugar, cocoa, salt, and baking powder. You will want to sift all of these dry ingredients together in your medium sized mixing bowl. Then you will take another bowl and put in some buttermilk, eggs, sugar, and here's the trick, the red food coloring that gives the red velvet pancakes their namesake. Then mix your wet ingredients together and pour into the mixed dry ingredients. Stir the ingredients together just until mixed. Now pour the pancake recipe batter into a measuring cup with a pouring edge so that you can pour the batter into a squeeze bottle. Grease a non-stick griddle or frying pan. This is where it gets fun, and is a cooking project the kids will love to help out with. With the squeeze bottle filled with pancake batter, start to create your pancake designs. You typically start with the edges of the design and then fill them in, and let cook until golden brown. Flip and cook the other side until golden brown, and serve while they are still hot with some butter, warmed maple syrup, powdered sugar, and some fresh fruit. You can also serve these layered with whipped cream, to look like a pancake cake!

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