Soda Can Solar Heat Panels

Soda Can Solar Heat Panels. Recycling is something that people are doing for the environment, and the environment is always giving back. If you are curious on ways to learn how to harness solar power this article is pretty fascinating. The power of nature will work in your favor when you take some responsibly for the sake of the planets future.

The featured article gives will give us the opportunity to learn from the story of Peter Rowan. So this man left his corporate job back in 2010 to live a simpler life. He decided to make a change in his life in order to go and live his dreams of traveling and writing. He pursued a home-based job by writing fiction stories while he also works as a teacher on the side. He wanted a more private life this time. He made some drastic moves and one of which was turning the houses unused garage into a writing studio. It was an off-grid inspired space and he made use of old materials to complete it. His solar panels are made from recycled materials too! And this is the most intriguing part of his backyard studio office space. He first collected 275 cans of sodas, mineral water, etc. He drilled holes from its ends and glued every piece on a box made out of plywood and 2 X 4s.

He painted it black using a spray paint and added Plexiglas to turn it finally into his recycled solar panel. In order for cold air to be pushed into the solar panel, he used some fans from his old computer. This also helps push the hot air out and have it run inside his writing studio.

Making this solar screen was quite a process and is duplicatable. To watch the video, please visit the YouTube link below.

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