Solar Seawater Distiller Turns Salt Water into Drinking Water Using Only Sunlight

Living in a privileged country we often take clean water for granted. All we have to do is turn on the tap, and we have an abundance, of an almost unlimited amount of fresh, clean water graciously flowing.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for all countries. Many are still battling a daily struggle of sourcing clean water, many of the families and providers walk for miles every day to reach the water sources and when they get there it is often contaminated by deadly bacteria. This problem is killing millions of people every year but now an Italian designer has invented a way of distilling sea water to turn it into drinking water using sunlight as the only energy source.

Gabriele Diamanti is the mastermind Italian designer behind the project and calls the device Eliodomestico. It won the Core77 design award in 2012 in the social impact cateog and is currently accepting donations to support the efforts of the company. It's essentially a clay pot that acts as a distiller and turns bacteria infested water into clean, pure and fresh water that developing countries can use to minimize deaths and increase the chances of survival. It's important that these people have access to such a simple resource and as a privileged country it's vital that we support these efforts to help those in need.

Go ahead and checkout the video and design for this solar seawater distiller and consider going to the website to donate if you can. There are no operating costs for the device, so once a family or village has one there are no maintenance or extra expenses required to run this it. It's a totally innovative invention that is sweeping the nation with opportunity. Click over to see the article and see how this device is revolutionizing social impact across the world.

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