Solar-Powered E-Bike

Bellingham, Washington, is a city that is known for being eco-friendly, and for a community that advocates ride-your-bike-to-work day and using alternative energy methods. If you are someone who cares about the environment and enjoys riding bikes, then you should read this article about a solar-powered e-bike. Jesper Frausig, an engineer from Copenhagen, designed the bike, and is hoping to spread the word on his innovation, which is something I also hope to do. For only $599, you can own this electric bike and begin promoting energy-saving ideas. While it is just a prototype as of now, it is his goal to begin selling these bikes on the market soon. He needs your help.

If you are someone who is cautious about your footprint on the planet, and want to help change how we use energy on a daily basis, then consider investing in a bike such as this one. Not only will you have a bike that is powered by the sun and can ride for over 40 miles, you will have a symbol that stands for change. Without speaking, you can be a voice for alternative ways to energy by riding your bike around your city. Be the change you want to see, and invest in one of these bikes today. I promise you that you will make a difference.

I have no doubt that we will be seeing many of these bikes in Bellingham, Washington and other eco-friendly neighborhoods soon. Our world is changing, and we are just now beginning to do something about the energy issues we face. If we want this world to thrive, and for our childrens children to breathe fresh air, we need to begin changing how we power our vehicles, our homes, and the businesses we work in. This lifestyle many of us live cannot go on. If we do not take innovators, such as Jesper Frausig, seriously, we will leave our children with greater problems than what already exist. Support individuals, such as Frausig, and do something good for this planet. It only takes one person to inspire someone else. It is the second person that has been inspired that is the catalyst for change.

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