Solid Slab Bar Counter

The solid slab bar counter is a very pleasing and luxurious piece of functional furniture. It adds a certain life for the costumers in the bar. The balance is impeccable and the single design is excellent. It extraordinarily produces a generous dedication to whoever sees the excellent product of nature.

To obtain a solid slab bar counter, unless you are skilled in the trade and with the equipment, do not operate or cut the log when it's your first attempt. When it's your primary experience, there's a possibility that the log will splinter and reduce its strength and beauty.

If you can find a piece or have someone cut it for you that is at least 24 inches wide. The expense will likely be costly for that size, but the result will all be worth it. We can create our own top that is out of the slab of the timber along the borders created for live-border material.

In backyard, there is plenty of lumber layering around because my father is a businessman in logs. Because of this, I am lucky to be able to have a slab piece like this one in my home.

This type of furniture is pure and heavy. It is notable to each person that enters regardless of what kind of social gathering or dining party. Another thin about log slab furniture is that it perfectly suits most types of homes and rooms, not just at the bar. The slab is abundant in astounding character and finished by hand flawlessly.

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