Strawberries and Cream Pie

Pies are perfect for all special occasions. Your dinner table wont feel complete without a pie or dessert of some kind on it. If you are looking for something new to offer to your family and friends during those special gatherings, serve this Strawberries and Cream Pie that were about to share. We know that your loved ones wont be able to resist it. This recipe will capture your heart even if youre not a big fan of cooking or eating pies, youll find yourself loving every slice of it. From this recipe, you can also try using other fruits instead of strawberries. Its so easy to make that you dont need to be Martha Stewart to pull this off.

This recipe includes chocolate chips, so the blending of the sweetness from the chocolates and a bit of a sweet and sour mixture from strawberries will create that one giant party in your mouth. Prep time for this pie will only take you 15 minutes and the cooking is another 15 minutes, which gives you a total of half of an hour to finish everything. Its easy and fast, so its perfect if you are looking for something to prepare that wont need much of your time and effort.

You can run to the supermarket to find all the ingredients needed here like shortening, Oreo pie crust, cream cheese, sugar, vanilla, cool whip, and strawberries. Its a desert that kids in your family will also love. Its a recipe that you can pass on to your next generation and make it a family tradition. Gather the kids around the kitchen and teach them this secret, so they too could enjoy this sharing it with their future kids when they grow up.

Well, have fun! To know the entire recipe of this delicious strawberries and cream pie, check out the website "Butter With A Slide of Bread' below.

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