Striped Jell-O Easter Eggs!

Easter is just a short time away, and you already see all the Easter chocolates, baskets and bunnies lining the shelves in the stores. This is a delightful time for young children. Perhaps these Jell-O Easter Eggs will make their way into your children's mouths and tummies this season. Follow this link for the full recipe for Jello Easter Eggs from Spend with Pennies.

Easter is magical in the minds of little ones. The concept of a bunny that comes and leaves chocolates, jelly beans, and all sorts of egg and bunny shaped confectionary around the house and yard is heart warming.

We all have our Easter stories as memories. My favorite is this. Our family back in the early 80's lived on a large piece of land. In those days, it was not uncommon to 'homestead' and get back to the land. This lifestyle included all the magic you can deliver when you are raising your babies on a huge property. There were many great spots for the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs and baskets.

Many of the early Easter's in the lives of my own two children included a Grampa that was full of mischief and three cousins. This group ranged from 1-6 years of age. Okay, so the three oldest were the boys and fast as 'Superman' back then. The two little girls were 'released' first to get a bit of an advantage on the hunt, but as soon as the boys were 'let go' any of you with children know what I am going to say. Thier eagle eyes and superman speed allowed them a great advantage in the egg hunt.

Nevertheless, we would hear the squeals of delight from the little girls as they were not doing too badly at all in finding jelly beans, in particular. We all laughed with delight as we watched our Grampa, remaining just a few steps ahead of the little girls, being very sneaky, drop the jelly beans in front of them. This has become a well-beloved story in our family. You likely have a heart warming one as well.

It was also really fun as a young mother to bake and make things with and for the children. Moms out there may have fun giving this recipe a try. Please visit the 'Spend With Pennies' website for full details on ingredients and instructions.

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