Stuffed With Creamy Garlic Butter, This Chicken Dish Is One You Won’t Want To Miss

Stuffed With Creamy Garlic Butter, This Chicken Dish Is One You Won’t Want To Miss! If you love having chicken on your weekly menu, then you must try this amazing creamy garlic chicken from the awesome recipe website, 12 Tomatoes. This recipe will totally take you out of the boring same old dinner recipe rut, and offer up something totally new and exciting to serve up on the dinner table. It is always so awesome to try out new recipes, especially if they become recipes that you will make again and again. Chicken is one of those versatile meats that can be made up in a number of different ways. Plus, it is a great lean protein that can be enjoyed to give you some hearty nutrition and lasting energy. Chicken has 31 grams of protein per 100 grams of chicken, yet it doesn't have a lot of fat, especially when you are eating the chicken breast. Many people have chicken for a meal once or twice daily and find that the protein they get from chicken keeps them energized all day long.

The photos of this Stuffed Creamy Garlic Butter Chicken recipe will have you wanting to try it as soon as possible. It looks like it has been cooked to perfection and that it is filled with so many great ingredients. With parsley, garlic and lemon, you get an exceptional flavour that is always loved by people, lemon and garlic always seem to compliment each other and are great foods to include in your diet, lemon is great for detoxing and garlic is wonderful for your immune system and your liver. You mix the lemon, garlic and butter together and then place a cube of the mix into each pounded, flattened chicken breast. The chicken stuffed with the seasoned butter will then go into the egg, and then the panko bread crumbs and then the parmesan cheese. The egg helps the bread crumbs and the parmesan cheese to stick to the chicken and to create a nice crust on it. It is also dipped into the egg mixture again and then in flour and then in panko bread crumbs a second time so that the chicken is extra crispy! All you have to do is fry it up in the oil and heat them in the oven so that the butter mixture inside melts and there you have it the perfect recipe for any weeknight or any occasion!

When you cut into these stuffed chicken breasts, the delicious butter, lemon and herb centre will ooze out so much flavour! The outside will be perfectly crispy, and the chicken will be absolutely tender and juicy! These would be fabulous to make up for a dinner party with some asparagus perhaps and some nice wild rice. Or you could do just a nice light salad with it for a lunch recipe. I don't think there could be a person that would hate this recipe, so it would be a safe bet for serving to a larger group of people. 12 Tomatoes has so many awesome recipes that you will enjoy trying out. Featured on their home page currently is a BBQ Chicken Pizza Braid recipe; that looks delicious! But if you check out the Browse section of their website, you will find tons of dessert recipes, lunch recipes, appetizer recipes, dinner recipes, drink recipes, casserole recipes and more! As well as different types of cuisine from around the world, there are Asian recipes, Italian recipes, Thai recipes, Mexican recipes and much more. You should have a browse around their website and check them out yourself. Try this awesome stuffed creamy garlic butter chicken soon!

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