Sunday Gravy alla Johnny D Meatballs

Forget buying a meatball sandwich at Subway and try making these Sunday Gravy alla Johnny D Meatballs! These meat balls have it all! They are juicy, full of flavor, and will keep you warm on a cold day and are a great comfort food for the colder weather. We are getting close to fall again, and so, it is time again to think about delicious hot dinners to make. This recipe is not only pleasant, but it will also fill your kitchen with an aroma that will make you desire having seconds. It tends to be a family favorite as the meatballs are kid-friendly and many palates love the taste of garlic. Italian style food is so easy to make and it is one of those types of food that you get better and better at making. You get to know which spices and herbs are the best to use with Italian cooking, and you familiarize yourself with the amazing flavours.

In order to make this dish, you will need a few ingredients, such as mixed ground meat, eggs, heavy cream, olive oil, etc. You can see the complete list and instructions on the website. I love garlic, so I tend to add a few more pinches of it more than what is called for, which you can also do if you like to have a bit more garlic in your life. Just make sure you're not going out later or anything! I also love Oregano and Basil which are herbs that are so good for us too! Lets just say these meatballs make me grin with pure joy every time I get to pop one in my mouth and sink my teeth into them, and have garlic flavor liquid quench the blade of my tongue. I also like to add a little extra onion just add some more flavour and you can too! Just play around with the flavours and add in what you like, to bring it to your flavour palette.

While I suggest making these meatballs in the summer, they really are good anytime of the year. Try making them with some green beans and bacon, a salad, and garlic bread. Serve it with a chilled glass of milk. Your kids will go to bed full, and you probably have leftovers to use during the week. Forget cooking every night, and warm some leftover meatballs up. Your kids will not mind one bit. The cooking with Nonna website is a wonderful site created by Rossella Rago, who is Italian herself. She grew up helping out her grandmother, her own mother and aunts in the kitchen since she can remember. She used to be a spokesperson on TV, and wanted to act too, but she realized she also wanted to pursue her love and passion of cooking and making good food. So, she created this awesome website for people who want to share their family's best Italian recipes that have been passed down for generations. What a wonderful ideal! For more details about how to make these Sunday Gravy alla Johnny D Meatballs, visit the Cooking with Nonna. website for more amazing recipe ideas!

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