Take a Look Inside The Most Perfect Rustic Cabin You'll Ever See

Have you been thinking about getting yourself a cabin or living in a smaller home? Maybe a modular home or a park model like this one would be a great idea for you. You can find plenty of different designs and packages for wood cabins that you can purchase and build yourself easily. This small house design is a great example of the type of modular home you could get, and it looks like a real wood cabin. This is a Nor'wester Mt.Bachelor park model built in 2000, with 1 bedroom, a sleeping loft and 1 bedroom. The home features 500 square feet in total with vaulted ceilings that make the inside feel larger than it is. There are also ceiling fans to keep the air circulating in the space, as well as a gas fireplace for heat and ambience, and a furnace for consistent heat. In the kitchen, there is a full sized range and oven for cooking and a microwave as well as a large fridge. There are also beautiful wooden cabinets and lots of counter space too with a large sink. There's even a water heater too.

The home also features a nice covered porch that would be a great place to relax outside in the summertime. The cottage is for sale for $70,000 and is located at Cold Springs Resort and RV Park on the Metolius River in Camp Sherman, Oregon.

You could also lease the cottage monthly lease for $417 per month. If you purchase it, you can move it wherever you'd like. That's one of the great things about these park models; you can move them quite easily which makes them very convenient. If you'd like to keep the cabin in its current location, Cold Springs Resort is an excellent place to have a cabin. The cabins are set amongst beautiful Ponderosa, and Tamarack trees with the spring-fed Metolius River foot steps away. You can enjoy all of the outdoor activities you like such as hiking, biking and fly-fishing all within walking distance. There's also a private footbridge that leads right to the Metolius River Trail and links you to the historic town of Camp Sherman where you can find anything you will need for your stay. If you don't own one of the wood cabins in the Resort, you can also rent out some pretty amazing cabins just like the one you see here which would also give you a good idea of what it would be like to own a cabin in this area.

This listing is found on Tiny House Listings a great resource for anyone looking to buy a cabin or a small home. They have more listings for modular homes, tiny houses on wheels, as well as tiny houses on foundations too. The style of cabin or home will all depend on your personal needs and preferences as well as your lifestyle. If you don't have a piece of land to put a tiny house on, you'll maybe want to explore tiny houses on wheels. This way you can take the house or cabin with you wherever you want to go. You will always have a comfortable, familiar place to stay and you will probably save money on accommodations when you're away. If you have a piece of land, you can build your own tiny house on a foundation, or a modular home or park model like this one and have something a bit more permanent. Check out this small house design and see if you could live in it full-time or enjoy it as a recreational summer cabin.***

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