Taste the Best Corn on The Cob By Adding 2 Ingredients to Your Pot

We all know just how delicious corn on the cob can be, but this kitchen tip on "Taste the Best Corn on The Cob By Adding 2 Ingredients to Your Pot" might just make it even better! Is that even possible? When it's sweet corn season we just can't get enough of the yummy vegetable, with lots of butter and some salt, it's really hard to resist.

But after reading this simple tip on how to cook the best corn on the cob, the bar will be raised even higher. All you have to do is to add some milk and butter to your pot while it's boiling, that's it. Now we've all probably eaten our fair share of the all natural treat, but most of us have never heard of this simple trick until now. You'll want to try this trick and see what you think. Just bring the pot of water to a boil, then add some milk and a stick of butter to the water, then boil the corn. You will be surprised just how much flavor this recipe adds to the corn. You don't have to use as much butter after the corn is cooked as you normally would, as the corn already has a rich buttery taste from the milk butter bath. Just add a little salt and you will be surprised, it may just be the best corn you've ever tasted. It's a great idea for a pot luck dish, or barbecue. Do you have a special way to cook corn?

Corn also known as maize has been around for a long time, since Mesoamerica prehistoric times to be exact. The leafy stalks produce ears of corn which contain the grain which are seeds called kernels, that we have loved for thousands of years. Corn can be found in so many recipes, and is the main ingredient in tortillas, tamales, pozole, atole and all the dishes based on them, like tacos, quesadillas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, tostadas and many more. In Mexico even a fungus of maize, known as huitlacoche is considered a delicacy.

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