Tesla's New Project Could Take Millions Of People Off The Grid

Have you ever been a situation, whether it be a snow storm, a power pole coming down from heavy winds, or just simple routine failures where you have been completely without power. It is a very distressing and helpless feeling and it is quite eye opening just how reliant we are on those power poles that surround us. They power everything in our lives! The only that that works is the water, but in just a few hours, the heat will be gone too, making showers and cleaning a time consuming and unpleasant tasks. When you truly feel these moments in your life of being entirely without power, if you are anything like me, you wish that you could find ways to be completely self reliant in those emergency situations. Generally power is regained in a matter of days, but those days are highly unproductive and a staggering reality check.

The best of advice that I can tell you about being prepared for these situations is to have the tools on hand so that you can cook and stay warm with light. Have a bin filled with batteries, a propane cook stove and easy to prepare food all go along way when you are in a pinch. It is exciting to hear when new technology hits the market such as Tesla Motors' plan for a battery pack that could provide power to a home for 2 days, and is also within a budget that many people can afford. These battery packs would be powered by solar panels that could fit easily into your home design. Right now in California a pilot project is being launched to power 500 homes using this 10 kW battery. The design of the battery is still in production, but apparently plans will be released very soon to the public eye. For now, keep your survival bin stocked so that you are not without the essentials if a disaster hits your area.

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