The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe

Are you in need of a good BBQ Chicken recipe that you can whip up in minutes? Try out The Best BBQ Chicken Kebabs Recipe! These chicken kebabs look absolutely delicious, and perfect to make for a BBQ you are hosting, or a BBQ you are attending and that you want to bring a nice dish to grill up. There is one ingredient that may surprise you though too! I was definitely not expecting this ingredient to be in this recipe at all. In the sauce that goes onto these chicken kebabs, is some pureed bacon, if you can believe it! The author over at Fabulously Frugal, assures us that it is the ingredient that gives this chicken a little extra something. Which bacon always tends to do, and which is why it is such a popular food these days. Bacon has become an obsession for some people. There are crazy things made in bacon's honour now as well. Things like bacon bandaids, bacon candles, bacon flavoured candies, and air fresheners that smell like cooking bacon. It's quite the funny trend and craze that people have initiated. But people buy that stuff! Most people just stick to eating their beloved bacon and that seems to be good enough for them.

The bacon puree is added to all of the other delicious and smokey spices so this chicken will have a nice heat to it, but not be spicy. The other great thing is that the kebabs don't have to marinate for too long either, they just sit for up to 60 minutes, but as little as 30 minutes. So in no time at all, you can have these little delicious kebabs on the grill and ready to eat! The other awesome thing that the author of this recipe, Melanie, does, is shares with us her favourite tools to use in the kitchen. She shares the inversion blender she uses as well as these awesome stainless steel kebab skewers, which are such a great idea, so that you don't have to worry about having to soak the wooden or bamboo ones before you grill so that they don't end up burning or putting splinters in your food. Just use them, wash them up and then reuse them! They wash up really nicely and last for years. She shows the photos of the great tools she uses on the website along with her fabulous recipes. She also provides links to purchase the items on amazon or other online stores. This website is all about being frugal, which means to budget wisely, and make sure that you are saving money wherever you can. There is a question frugal people ask before buying anything, no matter how cheap or expensive. "Can I borrow it? Can I make it? Do I have something else I could use? Do I already own something like it? These are all fabulous questions to ask!

Try out this awesome recipe the next time you host a BBQ, or just when you need a quick and easy meal! Head over to 'Fabulessly Frugal' by following the link in the section below for more!

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