The Best Pick Up Line EVER

"You got me at hello".

This line isnít popular for nothing. There may be a huge debate on the best pick-up line that works but most men fail to consider the most powerful one of them all: the world 'HELLO', and if Hello is such a long word that scares the inner macho man in you, then you can always use 'HI'.

That's right, the simple conversation opener is used worldwide, not to attract women of any form, but to initiate a hand on conversation with them that leads to attraction on a further note if used with the right, charming techniques.

So how exactly is 'Hello' even considered a strong pick-up line? Well, the goal is always to never scare the woman away with your antics but rather, to lure her closer. The word does just that in a sense that it allows casual conversations to exist between two individuals, and in turn, can lead to interest when furthered, and eventually, to dating. It's fairly easy to start the talk you've been keeping in for ages with a single 'Hello', but always remember that saying such must be done in an interesting manner like looking directly into a woman's eyes when greeting her as if she was the most beautiful a man has ever seen, and smiling in a friendly manner like the harmless being that you are.

There really is no limit on how these conversations can be started and expanded upon because after briefing in with the word 'Hello", you can open up about the weather or the hassle of the crowd at a local convenient store, and even how cute her pet looks when you spot her with one. Anything can be said as long as you remain charming throughout the entirety of the small talk you have made and from there, you can use some of your best and non-aggressive pick-up lines to make her smile. A simple 'Hello' combined with casualness and a friendly wit will always be beneficial for the men who knows how to act.

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