The Coolest Inexpensive Small Cabin Plans that You May See All Year

There's something so appealing about log cabins. That rustic feeling they give, the natural warmth that unpainted wood can give to a space, and simple lifestyle they recall are all good reasons to fall in love with the old-fashioned form of architecture. Unfortunately, loving log cabins and actually getting to own one are two different things. However, if living off-grid for a while in your own cozy log cabin paradise has always been a dream of yours, I've got some good news: getting yourself a log cabin might be easier than you think.

Unlike most houses, log cabins are quite simple to build. Their structure is an adaptation to a wild environment in which a person has a bunch of trees, but might not have a whole lot of workers to pitch in, and often no architect in sight. Things have gotten even easier in recent years, as there are now companies who ship log cabin kits right to you, all set with instructions for you to put together. Think of it as a rugged, manly version of IKEA. They supply all the pieces, with detailed instructions, and you can get a few friends together and take on the project yourselves. Imagine how proud you'll feel, to have put together your own cabin.

Of course, if you find the idea of putting your own log cabin kit together, the company is always happy to send a few workers out to throw it all together for you. Either way, having your own log cabin has just gotten more affordable and convenient for everyone. Soon you can be enjoying cozy blanket-laden nights from one of these idyllic cabins.

Have a look at the photos on the Conestoga Log Cabins site, linked below. Soon you'll be daydreaming about all the possibilities for your own rustic heaven.

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